Bette Midler Says Trump Should Be Charged With Attempted Murder For 'Hoping to Infect Joe' With COVID

Brittany M. Hughes | December 3, 2021
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Bette Midler says words. Unfortunately for her - but very fortune for those of us with both a brain and a sense of humor - most of those words are...let's just say, hocus pocus.

Here's an example: on Friday, the actress tweeted that President Donald Trump should actually be charged with attempted murder based on the allegation made in Mark Meadows' new book that Trump tested positive for COVID just before sharing a debate stage with the then 77-year-old Joe Biden.

"#DonaldTrump should be arrested for attempted murder," Midler ranted. "He tried to infect & kill #JoeBiden at the debate; by turning up too late to be tested, knowing full well he was positive; then screeched, sputtered, spit, and foamed at the mouth, hoping to infect Joe. He IS the devil."

Of course, this is all based on allegation made by a former congressman and disgruntled ex-chief of staff for the Trump administration, who, if his claim is true, conveniently waited to release this juicy little tidbit until he'd published his book. But according to Midler, an excerpt from a memoir meant to sell out the local Barnes & Noble is enough to warrant an attempted murder charge.

Better stick to reciting lines someone else writes for you, Bette. 

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