Bette Midler Calls Trump 'Murderer' & 'Plunderer' For Using Biology on Transgender Debate

Nick Kangadis | October 23, 2018
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Another member of the Hollywood Communistic Cult heard from. It’s like these “Hollywood stars” are intentionally trying to ruin my childhood, except they’re not ruining it. They’re exposing themselves for who they’ve always been — ignorant fools who actually think what they have to say holds any kind of weight.

So why do I write about what these people say, you might ask? Because, just as I recognize their right to say what they want, I also have the right to publicly call them out as dumbasses.

It looks like actress and singer Bette Midler needs some “wind beneath” her “wings,” because she went all “Debbie Downer” on Monday concerning the Trump administration’s possible future application of biology to the transgender debate.

It’s funny how the far-Left likes to trumpet science when it suits their narrative on topics like climate change, but they reject science when it comes to what should be obvious to anyone with a noodle in their skull — men are men and women are women, no matter what a person changes about themselves. You can identify as whatever you like, but don't tell me there's any science behind your supposed transition. Looks may change. DNA doesn't.

Midler took President Trump to task for his possible use of science concerning transgender people, because well — that’s what Hollywood does.

Here’s what this dolt tweeted:



I had no idea Trump was a murderer! I don’t what I would do for news if it wasn’t for people as enlightened as Midler. Thanks, Bette!

Can you just imagine what kind of reaction anyone in Hollywood would’ve received if they called former president Barack Obama a “murderer?” No one in Hollywood has that level of guts to ever attempt something like that. Well, not if they want to continue to appear in major motion pictures.

Oh, and Midler misspelled dummkopf. When you’re trying to insult someone, who by the way isn’t taking you seriously at all, maybe spell your insult correctly.

See how freedom of speech works, Bette? You are well within your right to say whatever it is you want to say. But, I also have the right to call you a “dummkopf.”