Beto: We Must 'Force' Credit Card Companies to Stop Authorizing Gun Purchases


Presidential contender and ex-Texas representative Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke has moved on from simply wanting the government to forcibly confiscate your guns - now, he's pushing to "force" credit card companies to get involved in Americans' private transactions with their own money and credit lines.

In a short series of tweets Thursday, O'Rourke laid out his plan demanding lenders stop allowing customers to use their credit cards to buy "weapons of war" (also known as whatever semi-automatic firearms the left deems unacceptable this week). He also claims companies should stop letting customers use their cards for online gun sales or purchases at gun shows, and must "stop doing business with gun & ammo manufacturers" who sell sporting rifles like AR-15s.


He then linked to a petition he urged his supporters to sign that will allegedly "force banks and credit card companies to act," a letter he said will be sent to "Visa, Mastercard, and the big banks."

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