Beto O’Rourke Lambasts GOP As ‘Cult Of Death’ For Withdrawing Mask Mandates In Texas

Sergie Daez | March 4, 2021
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Leftists are going ballistic over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) revocation of the COVID-19 mask mandate and the full reopening of businesses in his state. Former Texas House Representative Beto O’Rourke (D), for one, used an interview on MSNBC’s "Deadline" on Wednesday to lambast his governor. 

O'Rourke was asked who was to blame for the “cruelty of the Republican posture at this moment."

“I think it appeared to many of us to be a cult of personality, the Republican Party in the era of Trump, and it probably still holds true," O'Rourke replied. "It’s hard to escape the conclusion that it’s also a cult of death.”

You heard that right. Leftists are notorious for supporting abortion, and yet the liberal O'Rourke called the GOP a “cult of death.” Is his brain still defrosting from Texas’s winter storms?

Incredibly, O’Rourke believed that Abbott was rescinding the mask mandate to kill Texans for his own selfish reasons - as if abortion wasn’t any different.

He said the following:

They literally want to sacrifice the lives of our fellow Texans, for I don’t know, for political gain? To satisfy certain powerful interests within the state? This isn’t hyperbole. You heard our lieutenant governor, arguably one of the most powerful positions in the state of Texas, say on Fox News at the beginning of the pandemic, we are willing to die. Old people are willing to sacrifice their lives in order for the economy to reopen.

That’s twisting the truth. In the interview O'Rourke referenced, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) encouraged older people like himself to survive COVID-19 as best they could. He disapproved of the government shutting the country down because it would ruin the economy. 

In addition, O’Rourke accused Abbott of abandoning all efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, which he contends is “unconscionable.” 

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He said:

And now, this mission accomplished deal from Abbott yesterday, saying 'we are done trying to fight COVID,' even though, as you say, Biden has told us every adult in America can be vaccinated by the end of May. I can see the end of May from where I sit right here. We just need to, we just need to run through the tape. And instead, he stopped and left us to our own devices. Unconscionable, unacceptable, we're not accepting it. We're moving forward on an individual and collective basis to help our fellow Texans.

If O’Rourke is going to criticize state governors for their supposed COVID-19 mistakes, then what about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D)? Cuomo has been accused of underreporting the COVID-19 nursing home deaths. Does O’Rourke think that is “unconscionable?”

These are the typical overdramatic reactions on the part of leftist Democrats. On the whole, there’s absolutely nothing of substance in their wild ravings. 

H/T: Breitbart