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The Women's March Is Opening Their Women's Convention With...a Male Speaker


The Women’s March’s Women’s Convention, billed as a nearly $300 conference for grassroots female activists, will be ushered in with a keynote speech by a man.

USA Today reports none other than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who competed against female Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic nominee in 2016, will be speaking on the first night of the Women’s Convention on Oct. 27.

Tamika Mallory, the cofounder of the Women’s March (which apparently has cofounders), said Sanders giving an opening speech is a good choice because of his Progressive values.

“I think that right now, no one can deny that Bernie Sanders is probably one of the most powerful U.S. senators ... on progressive issues, women’s issues, mobilizing millennials. He is really in line with the principles of the Women's March," she told USA Today.

Addressing the fact that Sanders is a man, Mallory said, “We believe as women ... that we ought to have more than just women at the Women's Convention,” explaining, “People want to hear from the leadership from within our government who can give us some insight about what's happening ... so we can know what we need to do to be able organize.”

However, many women are not pleased that Sanders is speaking at an event dedicated to women.

Cosmopolitan, in its headline on the issue, pointed out the fact that Sanders is a man, for anyone who may be confused.

Imani Gandy, an activist and legal analyst who goes by “Angry Black Lady” tweeted that Sanders is a “white dude” who is delivering an address to the “first women’s convention in 40 years”:

Others mocked the conference’s choice, joking that no women were available to give the address:

“Vaginista extraordinaire” Veronica Adres called the move “insulting”:

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