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Bernie Sanders Staffers Reportedly Get Rough With Journalists, Media Silent


After an event in Iowa hosted by the Des Moines Register on Sunday, conflict erupted between reporters and the Sanders campaign, with reports that staffers began getting overly-physical with members of the local press.

According to The Washington Examiner:

The confrontation erupted after members of the campaign relentlessly pushed the local journalists to make room for Sanders as he made his way to various attractions at the fair on Sunday.

The press pool erupted in chaos as Sanders left the campaign event, which was hosted by the Des Moines Register.

'Do not put your hands on me. You keep pushing me,'  the female photographer yelled at the staffer.

Another journalist asked if a different female reporter was okay after she was pushed by Sanders' campaign workers many times.

Security for the event, as well as members of Sanders' campaign, repeatedly grabbed and shoved members of the press. One staffer for the Des Moines Register pushed a gate into a reporter for the Washington Examiner after telling him that 'not all press' would be allowed to follow Sanders around.

As abhorrent as this behavior is, it doesn’t seem the Des Moines Register deemed it newsworthy, as nowhere in their story on the event does it mention the reportedly one-sided scuffles between Sanders staffers and journalists.

The Register simply mentions remarks from Sanders' "Soapbox speech," his criticisms of President Trump, and how he "drew thousands to hear him speak," with size "comparable in number to the one U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts drew on Saturday."

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