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Bernie Sanders Memes Poorly - Media Silent


Yesterday, Bernie Sanders single handedly answered an age-old question the internet has been asking for nearly two years: Can the left meme?

No. The answer is no.

In his campaign’s latest fundraising push, the embattled Sanders posted a video to his Instagram which shows him popping up from behind Trump at a 2016 campaign rally. Trump, in response, jumps as security grabs the then-presidential candidate. "Want to really scare Trump? Help us show the strength of our campaign to defeat him—chip in before our fundraising deadline at midnight," the post said,

The media and broader left wing, who condemned President Trump for sharing an obvious joke on his Twitter which depicted him as being the President until the end of time, seem to have gone blind when it comes to Bernie Sanders.

Yes, many seem to have forgotten that the source of the 2016 video for the edit comes from a rally in which Trump was rushed by a ‘protestor’ from the crowd while on stage.

According to USA Today:

A man who was “yelling and flailing his arms” tried to rush the stage at Donald Trump’s first Ohio rally this weekend, hours after scuffles between supporters and protesters helped to cancel a Trump event in Chicago.

The man jumped a barrier surrounding the stage where the GOP front-runner spoke, but was tackled by law enforcement officers, said Dayton Police K-9 officer Nathan Spelman.

It seems as if the media only understands humor selectively: When the President jokes about violating space and time so that he may be President forever, Trump is displaying authoritarian tendencies. However, when Bernie Sanders posts a humorous edit of an event that initially struck fear into the hearts of thousands, we get crickets.

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