Bernie On Biden Sex Assault Claims: ‘The Media Has Got To Do Its Job’

Eric Scheiner | May 12, 2020

Former Democratic presidential contender and now, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to rely on the media to investigate sexual assault claims against Joe Biden.

During a Washington Post live stream on Monday, Sanders was asked about Tara Reade’s sexual assault claims against the Democratic Presidential candidate. Sanders said he looks to the media to give us answers.

“We have fought for many, many years to try to create a climate where every woman in this country who believes she was harassed, or worse assaulted, has the freedom to speak up with impunity. And Tara Reade has that absolute right," Sanders said. "As you well know, Joe Biden has vigorously, vigorously denied that charge. And people have got to listen to his statement as well. And respect that statement as well. I think as Joe has said, and I think what makes common sense, is the media has got to do its job as an independent -in an independent way of investigating her claims.”

Sanders avoided a question on whether Biden should provide media access to his papers at the University of Delaware, which may hold some evidence to further collaborate Reade’s claims of sexual assault by the then Sen. Biden in 1993.

“I’ll let Joe answer that himself,” Sanders said.

Biden is keeping those records sealed.

Sanders responses are very different from statements he made following sexual assault allegations against President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh in September of 2018. 

Back then Sanders stated there were only two options.

“Trump and Judge Kavanaugh have two options. Number one, Trump can say I am withdrawing Judge Kavanaugh's nomination because I am concerned about what I heard,” Sanders said in a video posted to his You Tube account.  

“Or secondly, Kavanaugh himself can say, ‘you know what, these allegations are not true. And I want the FBI to do a thorough investigation to discredit them.’ Those seem to be the two options that we face.”