Bernie And Warren Bicker Over Last Time In 30 Years They Beat A GOP Incumbent

Eric Scheiner | January 14, 2020


During the Democratic Debate on Tuesday, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders showcased how long they have been living on the taxpayer’s dime. They argued over the last time either of them defeated a GOP incumbent. They both came up with 30 years.

“The only person on this stage who has beaten an incumbent Republican anytime in the past 30 years is me,” Warren said. 

Bernie just couldn’t let that one slide.

“Well, just to set the record straight, I defeated an incumbent Republican running for congress,” Sanders said.

"When?" Warren replied.

“1990. That's how I won, beat a Republican congressman," Sanders claimed.

"30 years ago. Wasn’t it 30 years ago?" Warren asked.

"I beat an incumbent Republican congressman," Bernie boasted.

"And I said I was the only one who's beaten an incumbent Republican in 30 years," Warren shot back. 

"Well, 30 years ago is 1990, as a matter of fact," Bernie stated.

Finally, Bernie’s numbers add up!

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