Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire Is Moving to Nashville, Citing 'Terrible Governance' In Cali

Brittany M. Hughes | September 16, 2020
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The Daily Wire is moving its headquarters from Los Angeles to Nashville. And per the website’s co-CEO Jeremy Boreing, it’s not because the sky is so smoky in Cali.

Boreing, a 20-year resident of California himself, said California’s poor governance, including its high taxes and declining urban environment, is what’s driving the popular conservative media company into a redder state.

“The dream of California and the weather were enough to draw us all here and keep us here, even when it was hard,” he said. “But it’s hubris to think you can keep making it worse and worse for people and that somehow the idea of temperate winters will be enough to make them stay forever.”

“L.A. benefits from the fact that, while it leans left, it draws individualists out to find their fame and seek their fortunes,” Boreing added. “They’re an ornery bunch. But they aren’t so ornery that this out of control government can’t break them.”

Podcaster and political commentator Ben Shapiro said he’s also headed East with the company, despite having lived in California all his life.

“Within weeks, we'll be taking our 75 jobs and leaving. We're not the first. And we certainly won't be the last. Terrible governance has consequences,” Shapiro said on Facebook.

Boreing said they expect about 80 percent of the company’s employees will voluntarily move to Nashville, saying his staff’s generally positive response to the announcement proves the ongoing struggle that many are having with staying in a state so poorly governed.

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