Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Went From Half-Baked To Full Woke

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 9, 2022
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It’s not rare for major companies to take sides on political issues, but it is rare for said companies to be so vocal about it.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has always made it abundantly clear that it’s got leftist ideology churning through the business. But in the last month alone, Ben & Jerry's franchise has pushed leftist propaganda at least seven times.

Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s parent company, recently wanted to transfer “its assets to local licensee Avi Zinger in Israel,” the New York Post reported. But attorneys for Ben & Jerry's reportedly blocked the transfer in order to maintain the social justice mission of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Supposedly, the ice cream manufacturer is worried that Israel won’t sell ice cream the way they do it here in the states, like pushing its anti-Trump “Pecan Resist” or Colin Kaepernick’s “Change the Whirled” flavor made to challenge the “anti-Black roots of policing.”

Here are several recent tweets that show the company's radical leftism.

A women’s march is coming to Houston, Texas and Ben & Jerry’s is hyped to “fight for a feminist future” …said Ben and Jerry, two males.

Ben & Jerry's also retweeted a post that literally bragged about Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign sign being dragged away in the devastating Kentucky flash floods.

The company also placed high gas prices on "Big Oil" to shift the focus off the real perpetrator of inflation and astronomical gas rates.

What pairs great with a single scoop of chocolate ice cream? Baby killing!

On July 13, Ben & Jerry's staged a walk-out to support the "Bans Off Our Bodies" campaign against the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

On July 12, Ben & Jerry's CEO’s hosted a live stream titled, “How Cops Get Off: The Law” in opposition of the police.

It's been decades since the miserable old hippies Ben and  Jerry were about making tasty and unique flavors. Now, they're just pushing the radical leftist agenda in every cup, cone or shake. It's no wonder Biden is so in love with ice cream!

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