Ben & Jerry's Founders Can't Say Why They're Boycotting Israel, But Not Red States

Brittany M. Hughes | October 11, 2021
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The founders of Ben & Jerrys ice cream - Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, by name - had a major oopsie moment in an interview with Axios when they were unable to answer why the company still sells ice cream in Georgia and Texas despite the states' conservative laws on voter integrity and abortion, even though the ice cream conglomerate has stopped selling their products in Israeli territories to protest the country's supposed oppression of Palestinians.

“You guys are big proponents of voting rights. Why do you still sell ice cream in Georgia? Texas — abortion bans. Why are you still selling there?” Axios reporter Alexi McCammond asked the 70-year-old pair.

After a painfully long pause, Cohen responded, "I don't know."

“It’s an interesting question. I don’t know what that would accomplish," he went on. "We’re working on those issues, of voting rights. ... I think you ask a really good question. And I think I’d have to sit down and think about it for a bit.”

When asked why the company is still selling ice cream in Texas despite the state all but banning abortion, Cohen seemed to reverse course on the entire point of boycotts.

“By that reasoning, we should not sell any ice cream anywhere. I’ve got issues with what’s being done in almost every state and country," he said.

"One thing that's different is that what Israel is doing is considered illegal by international law. And so I think that's a consideration," Greenfield lamely added.

Translation: not selling in Republican states would cost the company a crapload of money, and when it comes to standing firm on their "principles," the progressive conscience bows to the Almighty Dollar.


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