Ben Carson on Abortion Debate Grappling Nation: ‘Are We Going Off the Deep-End Here?’

Monica Sanchez | March 1, 2019
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Ben Carson in an interview with Fox News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, on Thursday discussed the abortion debate grappling the nation as states such as New York have moved to lift restrictions on late-term abortions up until birth and Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to block legislation that would prevent infanticide.

Carson, the secretary of Housing of Urban Development, said that abortion is “a critical issue” because “the morality of our society” hangs in the balance.

“I think it’s a critical issue because we are talking about the morality of our society,” he told Fox News.

“Are we going off the deep-end here or are we still loving and compassionate people?” Carson asked.

To the Democrats in the House and the Senate that continue to reject the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act that simply seeks to clarify that that the law that protects infants and ensures their medical care after birth also protects those who survive failed abortions, Carson said, “[P]lease stop and spend a little time educating yourself about what life is all about, and about when babies can feel and when they can respond to external stimulation.”

The Senate on Monday voted 53-44 on the measure. While the legislation received a majority of votes in favor, it came up short of the 60 votes required to proceed.

All six Democratic 2020 hopefuls in the Senate voted against the bill.

House Democrats have blocked the same bill from even being considered for a vote seven times.