Ben Bernanke: 4 or 5 Years Until We Fully Recover

Stephen Gutowski | December 6, 2010
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Here's a little clip from last night's 60 minutes where our economic betterer came down from on high to give us a glimse into his brilliance. We're in good hands, people. Don't worry.

4 or 5 years till we gain back those 8.5 million jobs the way things are going now? Sounds pretty horrifyingly bad, huh? Well, actually, since unemployment just increased by .2% the way things are going now we wont ever gain those jobs back. But who am I to criticize the Bernake, after all, he went to Harvard and MIT.

I'm sure the reason we've suffered horrible economic setbacks for the past several years under the Bernake's lead is just cause he's got some super-secret super-smart super-harvardey plan tucked away that he'll pull out any minute to save us all. I'm sure of it. Just wait.

Either that or we are all screwed for the next couple of years at least.