Bee Gone! Canadian Talk Show Host Samantha Bee's 'Full Frontal' Show Gets the Boot

Nick Kangadis | July 25, 2022
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Who would’ve thought the majority of Americans wouldn’t like watching a Canadian know-it-all telling them what’s wrong with their country? Less people than you’d think, apparently, because Warner Bros. Discovery is giving everyone’s favorite unfunny female late night host, Samantha Bee, the boot!

That’s right! “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” won’t be back on TBS in the fall, or anywhere else for that matter, according to a Variety report noting a statement from Bee’s representatives.

Variety noted something Bee said in 2016 that most likely eventually led to her downfall.

“We do a show to please ourselves,” Bee said then. “This gives us an opportunity to say the things we want in the exact way we want to say them.”

While that’s all well and good to say what you please — free speech and all. To make a TV show based on what you like and never adjust to what the audience might like about it, shows the arrogance of those like Bee and her far-left writers.

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According to Variety:

The end of her show will come as TV is trimming back its late-night antics. WarnerMedia decided to end its long-running “Conan” late-night program on TBS with Conan O’Brien. NBC and the late-night host Lilly Singh, a digital entertainment influencer who had launched a new show on the network in the wee hours of the morning, decided to part ways. Comedy Central, which once boasted three different late-night shows, now only has one, “The Daily Show,” on regularly during weeknights. And CBS is mulling cheaper alternatives to replace James Corden when he leaves “The Late Late Show” in early 2023.

After comedian Jay Leno left “The Tonight Show” in 2014, combined with the establishment media’s hatred of anything related to former President Donald Trump — even though they loved the ratings it brought them — late night talk shows have taken a downturn because of how overtly they delved into establishment, leftist politics.

Podcasters, like Joe Rogan, Andrew Schulz and Tim Pool, have taken over people’s attention when it comes to the land of talk shows. They're more real, have honest conversations and don't insult half their audiences on a daily basis.

The death rattle for classic talk shows, particularly of the late night variety, might just be upon us.


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