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Beautiful! Little Girl Leaves Kind Note For Elderly Man Eating Alone: 'I Will Always Remember You'


At certain points in all of our lives, all it takes a word of kindness to brighten up the day. You never know what someone is going through, and if the mood strikes, be nice. You could open a door for someone, say ‘God bless you’ when someone sneezes or let someone through in traffic. It doesn’t take much, but you never know who it will affect or how.

A couple of months ago, 89-year-old Roy Johnson went to a Denny’s in Northwest suburban Chicago, by himself, to sit down for a meal. Not long after he sat down, a little girl came up to Johnson and gave him a note. As of this writing, it appears that would be the last time Johnson would see the little girl whose name was “Megan,” according to the note.

Johnson recalled his brief encounter with “Megan.”

“Out of nowhere came this little angel, let’s say, and dropped this on my table and disappeared,” Johnson said.

Besides wishing Johnson a “great rest of [his] day,” Johnson read part of the note to Fox 32 - Chicago.

“‘Hey, I saw you come in all alone and I get really sad seeing people all alone,” Johnson read. “You might never see me again, but I will always remember you.”

How sweet! Leave it to a child to show adults how to behave.

Johnson noted that “Megan” appeared to be about 9-years-old, and he wouldn’t mind having a reunion with such a “little angel.”

“The way things are going in the world, it shows you that there are some people…or her family, brother, sister, father, at least she's being brought up the right way. That's what I think,” Johnson said.


In case that didn’t reach the cockles of your heart, Johnson told Fox 32 - Chicago one more thing that shows the value of being nice.

“I'm going to carry it with me, like I said, the rest of my life,” said Johnson.

One little, brief exchange. One short note of positivity. That’s all it took to affect the rest of this man’s life.

The majority of us are guilty of not always being nice or in the best spirits. It’s human nature. Bad days or bad experiences happen to all of us. But, if we can remember acts of kindness like the one “Megan” gave Johnson, maybe we could be at each other’s throats just a little less.

God bless you, Megan — wherever you are. And God bless you, Mr. Johnson.

For Fox 32’s coverage of this story, watch below:


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