University of Michigan Drops $100K on DEI Launch Party

Beatriz Madan | June 11, 2024
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Perhaps the only thing worse than the abject racism and bigotry of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" programs is the price tag often associated with them.

On second thought, the racism is worse. But the gobs of cash spent pushing it is a pretty close second.

Records obtained by the College Fix have revealed that last October, the University of Michigan, which has over 500 employees devoted to DEI programs at a cost of nearly $31 millio,, spent approximately $100,000 on “events launching its new diversity, equity, and inclusion ‘DEI 2.0’” plan, including a cotton candy cart, espresso bar, and a lecture on “critical race theory and hip-hop."

This costly event was meant to “celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and highlight its intersection with critical race theory, celebrating and exploring the power of storytelling as a driving force for social change.” according to the university records

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According to the Daily Wire, the university dropped about $60,000 on its two keynote speakers, another $25k to pay hip-hop artist, producer, and activist David Banner for a 10-minute speech and his participation in a 45-minute panel, $35,000 to musical artist Rapsody for a musical performance and her part of the roundtable discussion – all extravagant expenses that reveal the extremism of DEI and critical race theory propaganda that is being implemented throughout so many educational institutions.  

Thankfully, while the University of Michigan has glorified DEI, other major universities have eliminated mandatory DEI programs. Harvard recently ended a requirement for a DEI pledge to be signed by all the faculty. Shortly after student protesters with the “Free  Gaza” movement tried to rip down an American flag and replace it with a Palestinian one, the board at University of North Carolina voted to dismantle its multi-million-dollar DEI program and divert the funding to campus police. Texas as a whole has banned DEI programs in public universities with hopefully more states to follow. 

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