BBC Comedy Sketch Hilariously Parodies Anti-Brexit Political-Correctness

Alex Hall | October 10, 2018
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According to, in an unexpectedly conservative comedy sketch (with some minor profanity), the BBC used a breakup as a metaphor for Brexit and parodies politically-correct pro-EU talking points. The sketch titled "Breaking up with a Remoaner" specifically pokes fun at Remain supporters (known as "Remoaners" for their accused characteristic for being sore losers after the Brexit vote) for trying to keep Britain within the European Union despite the fact their side lost.

In the scene, a young woman representing Britain is breaking up with her boyfriend. Frank, who represents the European Union. 

After she announces the fact she is leaving him, Frank echoes common pro-EU talking points such as asking "“Have you actually considered what leaving would mean?” or commenting that his girlfriend's parents and friends who have been advising her to leave him are "...badger-baiting halfwitted fascists” who he says "...haven’t got a brain cell to rub between them."

The sketch has a few other clever quips and references, which, though about Brexit, definitely mirror conservative vs politically-correct leftist talking points in much of the western world, where accusations of "racist!" and ad-hominem insults are used to try to shut down arguments. 


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