Battle Royal at Chuck E. Cheese: Parents vs. Employees

Ben Graham | March 10, 2015
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A brawl began at a Chuck E. Cheese in Parma, Ohio after a grown woman began throwing a tantrum because a photo booth was out-of-order.

The woman was apparently a part of a large birthday party being celebrated for a child within the restaurant. The fighting began after the acting manager told the woman that she would have to wait to use the broken machine. Men from her group then followed the manager into the kitchen, threatening to kill him, and then began their assault. Other employees tried to help their manager but were subsequently attacked by other party-goers.

As soon as the attack began, other children began crying and patrons began evacuating the scene.

Six employees were injured in the fighting, two of them suffering more serious injuries. One teen among them was knocked unconscious.

Other members of the party were cheering on the attackers as the bout went on. Unfortunately, the aggressors and their cronies fled the scene before police could arrive. Officers are now evaluating video from security cameras, as well as footage recorded on a cell phone.

Chuck E. Cheese released the following statement regarding the incident:

"On Sunday, March 8, at approximately 7:10 pm, five individuals entered the kitchen of our Parma restaurant and launched an unprovoked attack on our General Manager. During the incident, five additional employees were injured. All were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and released. The individuals involved all fled the scene prior to police arriving.

We are anxious to bring these individuals to justice and are actively working with Parma police to provide information that will lead to their arrest.

We are deeply saddened that individuals would choose to behave in this manner in front of children and families. We take any incident in our stores very seriously and have spent more than $15 million to date on measures to help ensure the safety of our guests. With an environment dedicated to serving young children and families, we will not tolerate violence of any kind in our stores.

As a company, the safety of our guests and employees is always a top priority and we will continue to endeavor to the protect the experience families have in our locations so parents are able to trust that their time in Chuck E. Cheese's will be clean, safe, wholesome family fun."


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