Baseball Star Makes Young Child with Rare Disease Star of the Show

Nick Kangadis | September 1, 2017
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Sometimes you see certain acts of kindness that restore your faith in humanity amidst all of the hate and division in the world today. The brief, but heartwarming story of Cincinnati Reds superstar Joey Votto and young fan Walter, who’s a hero in his own right, brings forth one of those times.

Votto was in the on-deck circle taking some practice swings before it was his turn at the plate. Walter, also known as Superbubz, was sitting in the front row at Thursday’s matchup between the New York Mets and the Reds in Cincinnati.

Walter is currently suffering from a “very rare” cancerous disease called Neuroblastoma.

Right before Votto walked up to home plate, he noticed Walter and pointed at him. What Votto did next was nothing short of spectacular.

That’s right. Votto hit a home run, but he wasn’t done just yet.

Votto made a beeline for Walter and gave him a high-five through the netting that protects fans behind home plate from foul balls.

Once Votto returned to the dugout, which Walter was sitting right next to, he took off his helmet, showing Walter his bald head, and proceeded to give him the bat he used to hit the home run.

Votto still wasn’t done showing how much of a fan of Walter’s he is.

Later in the game, Votto switched jerseys and gave Walter the one he was wearing when he hit the home run.

Votto is also Walter’s favorite player, and as cliched as role models might be in our current society, Votto is a shining example of how a role model can impact the outlook of a person, even if it’s just for a day.

While stories like these don’t change the landscape of our everyday lives, they do give us a solid reminder to be good to one another, because you never know how much a random act of kindness might mean to another person.


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