Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy: 'Politicians are Taking Away the Right to Earn a Living'

Nick Kangadis | December 11, 2020
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It’s way past time to say no. The government in many cities and states have so overstepped their Constitutional bounds and have made prisoners out of their citizens — you know, the people that pay for them to enjoy the lifestyles they do. In New York City, you can no longer have indoor dining, beginning on Monday. It’s as if the politicians want every single small business to close and the middle class to evaporate.

Barstool Sports Founder Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy posted a video to Twitter Friday afternoon slamming politicians for “stealing the basic right to earn a living” from people.

Here’s a transcript of part of what Portnoy said:

What do they think’s gonna happen? What do they think’s gonna happen to thousands of restaurants, the bars? They’re done!

The bar and restaurant industry and small business have been squeezed and squeezed and squeezed, and they’ve tried everything. They’ve been as creative as possible. You got the outdoor dining, these structures they’ve had to build on their own dime. You’ve got the glass in between [tables], the masks. You’ve had the six feet of separation, fewer tables. They’ve been as creative as you can be to save their livelihoods, to save what they’ve spent decades of blood, sweat and tears building. They’ve done whatever. They’ve scratched and clawed.

And now a few politicians in New York City’s like [throat slash gesture], ‘You’re done! We’re shuttin’ it down! No indoor dining.’ How do you expect these people to survive?

What if these politicians don’t “expect these people” and their businesses to “survive?” It’s just a question.

Something needs to be done. This whole situation has gotten out of hand and out of the average person’s control, not unless said average person begins to say no.

In his conclusion, Portnoy summed up what could be the right way to go about this situation.

“Let people f***ing decide for themselves,” Portnoy said. “If you wanna stay home, you’re afraid of corona, stay home. I want to go out. It’s not your place to tell me how to live my life at this point.”

“In this country, politicians are taking away the right to earn a living,” Portnoy continued. “It’s that simple, and it’s insanity!”

For Portnoy’s full comments, watch below: