Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken Gets a Makeover, Man-Bun Included

Bryan Michalek | June 20, 2017
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The Ken doll was introduced into the public in 1959 as a male counterpart to the Barbie doll, but like his toy girlfriend, Ken has gone through a complete revamp. Now, Mattel has released a wide assortment of Ken doll with different hairstyles, skin tones, and body types to choose from.

Mattel’s new line of Ken dolls comes in 15 new looks, similar to the makeover that the Barbie doll had received a little more than a year ago in order to diversify the line, USA Today reports. The Ken doll hasn’t been altered much since its introduction to the toy world, but now will come in “slim,” “broad,” and “original."

The doll will also come with modern hairstyles, including -- but not limited to -- cornrows and man buns. Also included will be a wide range of modern outfits and accessories.

Since its release, the Twittersphere is having its fun with Ken's new 'do.

“The new ‘Man Bun’ Ken doll comes with shirt, shoes, and keys to Barbie’s car that he’s driving until he ‘gets back on his feet again,” one user posted.

“Man Bun Ken is totally a Breatharian," another chimed in.

Mattel's move comes amid dropping sales, as more and more children are drawn to newer technologies to play with. The growing obsoletion of the Barbie (and Ken) dolls has pushed Mattel to not only update their toy lines with a #TheDollEvolves campaign, but also with a movie scheduled to release in 2018.

Whether the new campaigns revive sales or not, we should be asking a few questions about the state of toys today. Are we making these changes because we think they will be beneficial to children? Or does this move only represent what certain people think will please a generation of people that are too old to play with dolls, anyway?

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