Banned Right-Wing Speakers Suing the U.K.: Say 'Political Reasons,' Not Laws Reason for Banishment

Nick Kangadis | March 19, 2018
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With all of the assaults on free speech going on all over the world, eventually free speech will fight back.

Two female conservative speakers and an Austrian Identitarian leader are going to sue the U.K. over being detained and subsequently banned from the U.K. for criticizing Islam and mass migration.

Canadian Lauren Southern, American Brittany Pettibone and Austrian Martin Sellner have jointly contacted attorneys concerning their situation. All three spoke in a video posted to Southern’s YouTube channel on Saturday.

Here’s the video:

Here’s part of what Southern said:

There have been violations and things that have been done so improperly in what has happened in all of our cases. And, we have spoken to legal representatives about this, being held for three days in a proper prison, me being questioned under Schedule 7. These are things that were not done for the protection of the border, something that we all support. We all support questioning people and not letting them in your country if they pose a general threat. We all support not allowing illegal immigration. But, it is almost demonstrably obvious that this was done for political reasons.

Not only was the U.K.’s actions done for “political reasons,” but the Socialist ideology that currently has its grip on a big portion of Europe had to play some role as well.

Schedule 7 is a law in the U.K.'s Terrorism Act 2000 that allows police to stop "passengers" for any reason. Under this schedule, police don't need "reasonable suspicion" to detain anyone. 

As reported by MRCTV last week, the U.K. cited “distribution of racist material” as their reasoning for banning Southern. Pettibone was scheduled to interview controversial right-wing activist Tommy Robinson, who has been accused by some of being “Alt-Right” despite his departure from the English Defence League (EDL) back in 2013 for disagreeing with the radical direction the group was moving toward.

Pettibone’s boyfriend and fellow activist Martin Sellner was denied entry into the U.K. for a planned speech to be delivered what used to be the last place in the U.K. for free speech: Speakers’ Corner.

Although, the PC police have restricted what we can and can’t say in public over the years, we should still appreciate the free speech we all enjoy in the U.S.

At least we can’t be jailed for it…yet.