Ban That Hat! - 'Stop The Steal' Knitted Hat Pattern Pulled From Etsy

Eric Scheiner | December 4, 2020
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E-commerce platform Etsy is reportedly canceling out “harmful misinformation” in the form of knitted “stop the steal” hats.

Conservative activist Michelle Malkin has tweeted out that Etsy user “Deplorable Knitter” had her beanie hats bearing the “Stop the Steal” slogan, a Republican rallying cry against voter fraud, removed from the platform.

"Certain types of content are not appropriate for the Etsy marketplace. This includes content that promotes or endorses harmful misinformation, including items that can obstruct election integrity,” the Etsy letter attached to Malkin’s tweet says. reached out to Etsy and confirmed that the hats were removed.

Etsy confirmed that Deplorable Knitter’s “Stop The Steal” patterns were indeed removed for violating the platform’s rules on “harmful misinformation.”

H/T Breitbart