Bad Behavior of Anti-Chick-fil-A Protesters Ignored by Media


There was plenty of hate on display at Chick-fil-A last week.  But it wasn't coming from the thousands of the restaurant's supporters who lined up to patronize the franchise in support of its embattled owner, Dan Cathy.

However, there were several documented incidents of harassment, vandalism and anti-religious bigotry perpetrated by anti-Chick-fil-A protesters.  These occurred both on Chick-fil-A appreciation day as well as during the sparsely attended "Chick-fil-A Same-Sex Kiss Day" counter-protest.  

Had any inappropriate behavior or outward showings of anti-gay bigotry been exhibited by the pro-Chick-fil-A crowds, you can be sure that the liberal media would have been anxious to publicize it.  But, when it came to the shameful way in which gay rights activists treated those who disagreed with them, the media coverage was nowhere to be found.  

Here are some of the most prominent examples of the atrocious behavior that the left wing news outlets ignored last week.

In this first video we have a protester who took the time to sit in line at the Chick-fil-A drive through, simply to harass the woman who was working there::

Of course the guy never even inquired about the woman's own personal views on the controversy.  For him, the fact that she worked there was more than enough for him to justify his mean spirited personal attacks.  He also stayed in his car.  Probably because he knew what would happen to him if he went inside and said that while surrounded by Chick-fil-A supporters.

Once the man lost his job due to his atrocious behavior, he apologized to the woman personally in a second video:

Interestingly enough, it was only once the man lost his job that the story became national news.

At some of the "Chick-fil-A Kiss-In locations, there were religious individuals sitting outside, in an effort to show their opposition to the actions of the gay activists.  At one store in Chicago, a man with a Bible, who did not appear to be proselytizing in any way, was verbally assaulted by protesters.  They also used chalk to write offensive comments directed at the man on the sidewalk:


As you can see, the primary issue that these gay activists have, isn't with the man himself, but rather with his religious views.  But one wonders if these hooligans would ever have the courage to go and do this stuff in front of a church.

There were a few other examples of atrocious behavior that weren't captured on video .

At on California location, self-described "artist" Manny Castro painted this masterpiece on the outside wall of one store:

Then there was this classy gentleman who was seen outside a Chick-fil-A in California:

We haven't heard anyone in the news media talking about this particular individual yet, which is surprising given how much traction a couple of inappropriate signs at Tea Party rallies have received over the past few years:

But on a lighter note, if you look closely at this picture you will see PJTV's own Alfonzo Rachel--or at least the back of him--stoically taking in the wonder that is Chick-fil-A.

Not only were these instances of horrible behavior by pro-gay marriage forces ignored by the media, but in some instances the media had to be shamed into even covering the multitudes of peaceful Americans who lined up for Chick-fil-A appreciation day:

In response to the huge outpouring of support for Chick-fil-A last Wednesday, gay rights advocates organized a nationwide counter protest.

The plan was for gay couples to show up at Chick-fil-A restaurants all over the nation and make out with each other in order to show their opposition to recent statements made by restaurant owner, Dan Cathy.

As you will see the turnout was very low in Crystal City, VA, where MRCTV was in attendance to check out the scene. 


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