Back At Ya: Michigan GOP Lawmakers Pass Bill Requiring Gov. Whitmer to Notify Them When She Leaves the State

Brittany M. Hughes | May 19, 2021
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What’s good for the goose never seems to be good for the gander, and Republicans in Michigan are looking to make that point loud and clear.

Their objective: to call our Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whose own COVID hypocrisy was on stunning display during the more than a years’ worth of unilateral, dictatorial lockdowns, mandates and restrictions she levied on her own residents, all while ignoring many of her own draconian edicts. 

After her husband was first caught attempting to cut the line and have his boat put in the water at a local marina despite Whitmer’s own recreation-restricting orders, and after her own aide was seen defying Whitmer’s mandates by vacationing in the Florida Keys during the pandemic, and after Whitmer herself flouted her own public gathering limits to pave the way for left-wing protests and to attend Biden’s inauguration, it was most recently discovered that Whitmer had traveled to Florida – Land of the Vax-less Unclean – to visit her dad while still telling her own state residents not to travel to…Florida.

All while she ventured to that very place to visit her own family members, and on a private charter plane that, apparently, wasn’t even authorized to make such trips.

It turns out that back in April, Whitmer herself paid a bunch of Detroit businessmen for use of their jet to travel down to Florida for a family visit, all while telling her own residents not to head to the Sunshine State because it was "unsafe," and stating that anyone who returns to Michigan following such a visit must quarantine, avoid going out in public or sending their kids to school, blah blah blah.

Since that embarrassing news broke, Whitmer’s office has struggled to justify the trip by claiming the Democrat governor was only gone two days (when, in fact, she was reportedly gone for four) and that she was visiting her chronically ill father (all while other Michiganders and Americans across the country were left unable to visit their own relatives, sick or otherwise, thanks to a patchwork of government rules and travel bans that forced many taxpaying citizens to wait months to visit elderly relatives or bury their loved ones).

Now, Michigan’s GOP-led state legislature is looking to make an example out of their two-faced governor, passing a bill this week that, if signed into law, would require Whitmer to notify the state Senate majority and minority leaders and the state House speaker and House minority leader in writing every time she plans on leaving the state, including stating how long the trip will take and who will be fulfilling the office of governor while she’s gone.

Kind of like a hall pass, but for untrustworthy liberals who can’t seem to abide by the tyrannical rules they have no problem imposing on everyone else.

Whitmer's office, of course, has criticized the state lawmakers for the move, accusing them of launching publicity stunts and playing games on taxpayer time. But while the bill is almost certainly destined to fail, given that it must be signed into law by Whitmer itself, it does expose one sad, stark truth: that the very government "leaders" and bureaucrats that purport to protect you even from yourself have exactly zero intentions of abiding by those same standards, or of holding themselves accountable to the constituents they've been caught screwing over.