'Baby Trump' Balloon Gets Its Own Security Detail Outside Fla. Trump Rally

Nick Kangadis | November 27, 2019
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You know the left has completely lost their minds when they enlist a security detail for a balloon. Although, who could blame them? “Baby Trump” is adorable! Sometimes I find steering into the skid pisses the left off more than getting mad about their stupidity.

Well, the “Baby Trump” balloon made an appearance during a protest outside a rally for President Donald Trump in Sunrise, Fla. on Tuesday, and I’ll be damned if the balloon didn’t have its own security.

According to msn.com:

The balloon, one of six “cloned” from the original balloon crafted by British artist Matthew Bonner in 2018, was carefully monitored by police officers — plus a group of volunteers who are specially trained to deescalate crowds who may get boisterous when they behold the bright orange, diaper-wearing, cellphone-clutching figure.

It was part of a move by the Florida Democratic Party’s pitiful and petty “Democratic ‘unwelcoming’ committee” outside the BB&T Center.

One of the volunteer bodyguards, who is also a retired attorney from Hollywood, said one of the most hypocritical things I’ve heard in a while.

“Baby Trump has gotten viciously attacked, and that’s just not respectful,” Rochelle Lessner said. “I donated $50 to bring him here.”

So it’s disrespectful to pop a balloon that was designed to be intentionally disrespectful of any and all Trump supporters? Why should the value of respect be extended to people who have no respect for others simply for their opposing opinions? Respect is earned, not given, unlike how so many of these entitled virtue signalers typically think. 

The move to add security for the balloon came after a man allegedly “slashed” the balloon in response to the protest that was outside the Alabama-LSU college football game earlier this month. Trump was in attendance at that game, so of course the balloon and the annoying people accompanying it had to follow in their feeble attempt to get anyone to pay attention to them.

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