‘The Baby Can Feel Pain': WV Delegates Pass Abortion-Restricting Bill

Gabriel Hays | February 17, 2022
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Good pro-life news has come out of West Virginia. The state’s House of Delegates just passed a new bill that will outlaw abortions after 15 weeks if it gets signed into law. Sure it’s no Texas Heartbeat Law, but it is another step in the direction of getting rid of the murderous medical procedure.

Lefty rag Huffington Post reported on the news, which for them is another sign of the fascist conservative takeover of the United States.

According to the piece, “the bill passed 81-18 in the Republican-controlled chamber.” This piece of legislation, dubbed House Bill 4004, will limit abortion to “fifteen weeks' gestation except in medical emergency and in cases of severe fetal abnormality.” The house of delegates has sent it over to the state Senate for its vote.

Thankfully, the West Virginia state Senate has a Republican majority, so it is expected that the bill will pass there. Unless Governor Jim Justice (R) becomes a rabid pro-abort lefty and vetoes the bill, it should become law. 

This bill follows in the footsteps of various strict anti-abortion laws that aim to outlaw the procedure before the legal viability date that Roe v. Wade and subsequent pro-choice SCOTUS rulings have legalized abortions up until. Texas’ Heartbeat law, which bans abortions  is the most famous instance of these radically pro-life laws.

Some of these laws, like the controversial one in Mississippi, pose a threat to the very legal foundation of Roe and that’s why pro-choicers are considering them an “existential threat to reproductive rights.

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Of course, pro-lifers who know exactly what abortion does to an innocent unborn child would much prefer a ban on all abortions. Even some of the Republican lawmakers who signed off on the bill admitted to the press that if they could, they’d ban abortions outright in their state.

Huffington Post reported how Republican Delegate Adam Burkhammer said during a hearing, “If it was up to me, we would ban it outright.” The bill’s lead sponsor Republican Delegate Ruth Rowan argued for it, saying, “The baby can feel pain. The baby can feel that it’s being torn apart and aborted.”

Though the outlet attempted to do its best fact check on Rowan’s statement, calling it a “myth.” Huffington Post wrote, “However, extensive research shows that a fetus does not have the capacity to feel pain until 24 weeks into term. That’s also around when a fetus is considered to be potentially viable outside the womb.”

Ah yes. There’s no debate there, right? Wrong. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2020, both a pro-life and pro-choice doctor agreed that” fetal pain does exist in in a gestational window of 12-24 weeks.”

And for extra measure, Huffpost’s latest “extensive research” bolstering their claim is from 2010. How many babies were tortured in painful abortions because of outdated science like this?

We’re glad that West Virginia’s new bill is more in line with modern science than the Huffington Post.