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'B****, You Ain't Special!': Female Student Harassed, Assaulted by Mob Outside Ann Coulter Speech at UC Berkley


A young female student at University of California, Berkley was taunted and assaulted for attempting to attend a speech on campus by conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Video captured by journalist Andy Ngo shows the young woman being yelled at and shoved by protesters outside the event. At one point, a protester pretending to be an event coordinator stole her ticket to the speech. Protesters proceeded to scream in her face and jump around in celebration of the theft.

As it appeared the female student was trying to find her way through the mob of protesters, she was yelled at and harassed some more. One protester screamed at her, “Get the f*** out of here, b****! You ain’t special!”


The Daily Wire reported on the incident Thursday:

On Wednesday night, an estimated 1,000-plus people showed up to protest a speech from conservative firebrand Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall. Notably, many of those ‘protesting’ the speech had the express goal of shutting down the speech, as opposed to just voicing their differing views.

At one point during the raucous protesting, a young female student trying to enter the speech was allegedly physically assaulted and harassed by a mob of left-wingers. One protester, posing as an event organizer, also stole the young lady’s ticket to the speech, according to journalist Andy Ngo.

The young woman is also repeatedly shoved by both male and female protesters.

Journalist Ngo reported that protesters formed a human wall to block others from entering the event.  

Campus newspaper Berkleyside confirmed the formation of a human wall in a tweet. 

Berkleyside reported Thursday afternoon that “three students and two other people were arrested during the Ann Coulter event and related protests Wednesday night, according to new information from UC Berkeley.”

“The campus said all five of those individuals were arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor violations, including resisting arrest or obstructing police, and wearing a mask or disguise,” wrote the campus news outlet. “Most were cited and released during the event. Those who were taken to jail are no longer in custody.”

While UC Berkley has not yet issued a response addressing the incident, the university did release the names of the protesters, including the "non-students" Vincent Cathaline and Brandie Youssif. 

Youssif was said to be the only one taken to Berkley jail. 

"Only one suspect, a woman named Brandie Youssif who is not a student at UC Berkeley, was arrested and taken to the Berkeley jail on charges of battery on a police officer, ignoring a seven-day exclusion order from the campus and trespassing," reported CBS SF Bay Area. "She was bailed out early Thursday morning."

Coulter was scheduled to speak on the campus back in 2017.

As Berkleyside pointed out, "In April 2017, Coulter cancelled a scheduled talk, also hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans, saying she did not feel her safety would be guaranteed."

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