Axios-Ipsos Poll Shows That Dems Are Losing Faith In Biden On Pandemic


Oh no, say it ain’t so. A new Axios-Ipsos poll has revealed that people are losing trust in Biden’s handling of the Chinese virus.

Well this is a shocker. Not. 

Over the October 9 weekend, pollsters from Axios-Ipsos surveyed over 1000 American adults to see how they felt about Biden’s current job leading the country through the COVID pandemic, then compared that to results from a similar survey they conducted in June.

The polling showed that in the four months since the first survey conducted, Americans’ faith in the government’s response to the pandemic has dwindled. 

Some of the key points show that in June, 36% of U.S. adults “said they expected to be able to get back to their normal, pre-COVID lives at some point within six months.” Now that percentage is only 13%. 

The number of people who thought that the pandemic and the government’s protocols would last an additional year was 9% in June, and rose to about 30% in October. 

It really sounds like some people are losing hope that this will be over soon.

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The June poll revealed that 65% of the people who think the pandemic will be over in six months trusted Joe Biden to get the job done, while the updated October poll shows that that percentage has shrunk down to 44%. So even optimistic people are starting to wonder whether Biden will be able to get control of the virus.

Even among Democrat voters specifically, the two polls show that their trust in Biden providing them with “accurate information on COVID” is going down. In June, Democrats who at least had a fair amount of trust in Biden’s COVID rhetoric were 88% of the party, while in October that number dropped to 81%

And of the Democrats who have a “great deal” of trust in Biden’s COVID information, that number was 45% in June and is now 33%.

So in three short months, strong Dem trust in Biden on COVID has gone from nearly half the party to a third. That spells trouble for the current president, particularly combined with the fact that pandemic control is “his central pillar,” according to Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs President Cliff Young.

Young added, “Once the Delta variant raised its ugly head, it affected people's lives, and now they're adjusting their expectations, which is not good for him.”

Ipsos pollster and senior vice president Chris Jackson stated, “In the absence of a villain, Democrats are kind of turning on the president because they don't know who else to blame.” Yeah well they certainly can’t blame Trump anymore. The pollster added that Biden has “lost a ton of ground with that group that thought they were going to be able to get back to their lives within the next six months. 

Of course, Independents and Republicans’ faith in Biden’s pandemic leadership has dwindled as well. In June, the amount of independents who trusted Biden a “great deal” was 17%. Now that number rate is 11%. The polling found that among Republicans, those who had a “great deal” of trust in Biden stayed at a meager 2% throughout the summer and into the fall. 


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