#Awkward: Queer 'Throuple' Partner Forgets His Own Gender and Pronouns

Brittany M. Hughes | February 4, 2022
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This has to be satire.

But if it’s not, it’s the perfect encapsulation of society’s utter decline into an irredeemable puddle of depraved mush, and that’s just depressing.

This video comes courtesy of the popular “Libs of TikTok,” which, as its name might imply, highlights liberals on TikTok displaying incredible levels of stupidity. In this latest – and rather depressing – example, one guy appears to forget his own gender and pronouns as he tries to explain why he’s one of at least three people who are dating a girl who identifies as bisexual and claims to be “in charge.” 

“Anna,” who claims to be bisexual and is apparently at the epicenter of all this madness, says she’s been married to her husband for three years, has been dating another guy for three and a half years, and says she’s also been dating a girl for about a month. 

A big dude wearing fuzzy cat ears then comes into the scene, and things quickly devolve from there. Just….yeah, just watch.


If this whole thing is to be believed – and really, our society is beyond parody at this point, so who the heck knows – this whole situation is so warped, so beyond the norm, so bizarre and convoluted, that the third spoke in this bicycle of terrible got so confused that he actually forgot his own gender and pronouns.

Frankly, it’s a wonder he can remember how to tie his own shoes.

Now, having watched this creepiness and likely finding yourself simultaneously repulsed and yet fascinated, you may find yourself thinking, "This must be fake. It's just too ridiculous, and far too self-deprecating."

Except that apparently, people like this actually exist. And, beyond that, they exist within a society that's decided not only to accept these forms of weirdness as perfectly normal, but to force society at large to conform to the insanity by adopting an infinite list of made-up pronouns, gender "identities," cosplay fantasies, and deviant behavior, and demanding everyone else - from cafe baristas and ordinary passersby on the street to congressmen and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies - to play along.

Except it's awfully hard to respect someone's gender identity when they don't even know it themselves.

Now he knows how we feel.

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