Awesome! Saints Fan Helps Disabled Giants Fan Stay Standing During Anthem

Nick Kangadis | October 1, 2018
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(Headline Image: Twitter/@MichaelDeMocker)

There was a ton of offense on display Sunday during the NFL’s slate of games, but this is the story that should be getting the most attention.

Because of player protests, and networks' broadcasting the games refusal to show the national anthem, photographers have become more aware of snapping some shots during the anthem.

Photographer for Michael DeMocker was covering Sunday’s game between the visiting New Orleans Saints and host New York Giants. During the national anthem DeMocker took a picture of an extremely heartwarming scene: A Saints fan in New York helping a disabled Giants fan stand during the anthem.

Take a look:

Kinda renews your faith in humanity, doesn’t it? At least a little?

The NFL could use a helping hand in the image department since all of this kneeling during the anthem nonsense began a couple years ago. And if the players don’t give a damn about how they’re perceived by at least half their audience, then it falls on the audience to remind people and the players that human decency trumps divisiveness.

H/T: Daily Snark