Awesome! 3-Year-Old Fla. Boy Goes Through Mock Firefighter Training in Viral Video

Nick Kangadis | December 26, 2019
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You’re never too young or old to learn how to help others. In this case, a Florida father taught his 3-year-old little boy the important skill of being able to perform CPR. But that’s not all this firefighting father taught his son.

In a video that went viral in November, Christopher Shell taught his young son Asher how he could help people should they be in trouble. The elder Shell setup a short course outside their home in Wellington where Asher was tasked with putting out a small, controlled fire, followed by moving on to a 10-pound dummy which was trapped under a small ladder.

As you’ll see, Asher then gave the dummy a mock CPR procedure in order to simulate an attempt to resuscitate the mock victim:


Okay, I know that Asher and anyone else attempting a drill like this should take it very seriously. But, how adorable was that? What a disciplined and determined little boy!

The kicker to this whole story is that Christopher, who works with the Boynton Beach Fire Department, isn't the only member of the family to be employed in public service. Asher's mother and Christopher's wife, Jenna, is a Boca Raton dispatcher, and even the in-laws are reportedly first responders.

"If I can teach a three-year-old how to do CPR anybody can learn how to do CPR,” Christopher said, according to WPTV. “It’s not hard and we should all learn how to do it so that way one day you can help save a life."

CPR is a very valuable technique to learn. While you might never have to actually use it, it's better to know it and not have to then to not know it.

H/T: Fox News

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