Avert Your Eyes: Women’s March Organizers Plan a Women’s Strike

Brittany M. Hughes | February 6, 2017
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The shrieking banshees behind the vagina-spangled Women’s March have decided that parading through the streets of D.C. covered in cardboard genitalia just isn’t enough – we need a strike.

The Women’s March tweeted out Monday morning a call for a women’s strike:

It’s not clear what all the “strike” would entail, and there wasn’t an attached date so the rest of us can plan our celebrations accordingly.

Or plan to pour bleach in our eyes, depending on the abundance of anatomical signage and furry armpits. 

The march and the future strike are just two examples in a recent string of anti-Trump temper tantrums being thrown by liberals ad nauseum, likely due to the absence of a participation trophy for trying their super-duper best in last year’s election. Calls for boycotts and strikes have ramped up recently, with multiple department stores pulling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line simply because she’s President Donald Trump’s daughter (#LiberalLogicFail: she was Donald Trump’s daughter back when they started selling her clothes, too).

Some Twitter users didn’t take too kindly to the Women’s March organizers’ latest publicity stunt, their reactions ranging from mockery to disgust:


In some slight effort to curry public favor, might I suggest the “Women’s March” movement stop purporting to speak for all “people” (or all “women,” for that matter) and instead consider changing its name to something more applicable.

Perhaps the “Incessant Shrew March," for example.