Authoritarian Paradise: Canadian Pastor Arrested for Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour

Nick Kangadis | March 3, 2023
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Canada is not the “friendly” place everyone thinks it is or once was. It’s run by an authoritarian who has essentially installed himself as a dictator, Justin Trudeau. This is a man who has no problem sending authorities after anyone that goes against his edicts, as well as freezing bank accounts and stealing property of those who might disapprove of his words and/or actions.

Despite his status as one of the world’s premier beta males, that same insecurity is exactly what makes him so dangerous towards freedom-loving Canadians.

Pastor Derek Reimer was arrested just days after he protested an “all-ages drag queen story time” at the Seton Library in Calgary, Alberta, Canada last Saturday. Video of the altercation shows Reimer being violently thrown out of the grooming event and threatened with police action.

Well, police action eventually came for Reimer just a few days later.

Reimer was arrested at his home for what the gestapo — I mean, police — said are charges of “mischief and causing a disturbance related to a protest,” according to Rebel News.

“We can talk about what happened on the weekend at Seton, right?” the officer asked Reimer.

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“Why do we need to talk about it?” Reimer responded.

“Because you’re going to be arrested for it and charged,” the officer said.

The next day, Reimer was officially arrested. Note how the officer sealing the arrest scene asks the man taking the video for his identification in exchange for an answer to what Reimer was being charged with. The man shouldn't have provided his ID, because now the police have a record of who's been asking questions, and if there's one thing authoritarians and gestapo - sorry, I keep doing that. I mean, police - don't like, it's questions.

The mayor of Calgary, Jyoti Gondek, who has pronouns in her Twitter bio that might as well act as alarm bells that she endorses the authoritarianism of the Alphabet mafia, has stressed that more extreme measures need to be taken any time people protest perversion. Gondek classifies protest against perversion as hate.

So, let’s get this straight about current-day Canada — jiggling your private parts for money and being scantily-clad to read stories to young children is love, but calling those perversions what they are and not being in whole-hearted favor of them is hate.

Much like many big cities in the U.S., Canada is lost, perhaps never to be returned to the decent place it once was.

The late pervert Gore Vidal would be proud of the degenerates the average person has become.

H/T: The Post Millennial


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