Authoritarian Canadian PM Trudeau Announces 'Legislation to Implement a National Freeze on Handgun Ownership'

Nick Kangadis | May 31, 2022
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Isn’t it funny how the same people who just a couple of months ago cheered when the entire country of Ukraine — old and young alike — became armed to fight their alleged oppressors, now want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens in their countries in order to control them under the guise of safety.

One of the premier (pun intended) far-left authoritarians — who ironically always talks about wanting “democracy” for people around the world — is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

During a press conference on Monday, Trudeau announced legislation that would enact a “national freeze on handgun ownership” by placing a ban on the purchasing, sale, transfer or import of “handguns anywhere in Canada.”

“We’re introducing legislation to implement a national freeze on handgun ownership,” Trudeau said. “What this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada. In other words, we’re capping the market for handguns.”

And almost as if they were scripted to do so, the minions that flanked Trudeau during his comments clapped like the trained seals they appeared to be. It was basically a “thank you” from the Canadian bureaucrats to Trudeau for helping curb prospective handgun owners.


Rewind a little over three weeks and Trudeau was singing a different tune on arming a supposedly helpless populace — namely Ukraine.

“Today, I’m announcing more military assistance, drone cameras, satellite imagery, small arms, ammunition and other support, including funding for demining operations,” Trudeau said on May 8.

While it might be understandable to some that Canada interjected itself into the Russia/Ukraine conflict in a military sense, Trudeau still found it necessary to just give the Ukrainians firearms — the same firearms that he now says the Canadian people aren’t allowed to have going forward.

I’d say that this is an extreme move for Trudeau to make, but world leaders' words and actions don’t seem to have to make much sense in anymore in our “modern” society.

If the American people keep allowing President Joe Biden and his regime to run roughshod over the principles that “made America great,” then I don’t want to hear their complaints when Biden inevitably attempts to do something similar to the people that reportedly elected him.

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