Austria Announces Plans to Deny Asylum to Migrants Who Arrive With Aid From Human Traffickers

Nick Kangadis | December 21, 2018
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Human traffickers are disgusting people. They profit off of the supposed misery of others. But, the Left in the U.S. and the European Union (EU) don’t seem to care how migrants get to their countries, as long as their dystopian vision for the future comes closer to fruition.

One European country doesn’t care much for a dystopian future, so they took matters into their own hands this week.

According to the Daily Mail:

All migrants who arrive in Europe with the help of human traffickers will be automatically denied asylum in Austria, under new plans revealed by its Interior Minister today.

Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, a member of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), said his plans aim to punish migrants using smugglers by handing down an automatic negative asylum decision.

Kickl told local media that he hopes Austrian laws will be amended to enable this policy provision and that Austria's immigration stance 'should head in this direction.’

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has taken hardline stances on immigration and human trafficking, saying that the overwhelming arrival of millions of migrants to the European continent has led to “dead people” in the Mediterranean and migrant camps in Northern Africa.

“We have to smash the business model of the human traffickers,” Kurz said.

The Austrian plan to curb human trafficking of migrants comes at the same time as multiple countries, including the U.S., decided to either vote against or abstain from voting to approve the United Nations (UN) Global Compact on Migration.

The pro-migration pact is reportedly a plan to essentially legalize illegal migration, further proving that global governmental organizations like the EU and the UN have no interest in borders of any kind across the world. They seem to be hellbent on watching the world burn.

Kurz’s alternative to allowing as many migrants as possible onto the European continent is to aid in improving conditions in Africa so people have no need to migrate.

“It is our Christian-social responsibility to make the conditions there better,” Kurz said.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. All the money that countries spend on aiding migrants who flee to those countries could be redirected to aiding progress on the African continent.

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