Australian TikTok Propaganda Video Tells Kids Over 14 to Get Vaxxed Without Parents Knowledge

Nick Kangadis | January 17, 2022

It’s not clear what’s wrong with those in charge of government on the island continent of Australia, but now, they’re apparently encouraging children to undergo medical procedures without the consent or knowledge of their parents.

The Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVIC) posted a video to Chinese-owned platform TikTok recently that depicts two young girls, each presumably at least 14-years-old, wanting to see the new “Spider-Man” movie.

By the way, YACVIC is a Victorian government-funded youth body, according to Australian outlet

When the girls get to the fictional movie theater, a theater employee asks them for their “vaccination certificates” in order to gain entrance. One of the girls, and the words were chosen very carefully as to make sure to place blame on her parents, wasn’t vaccinated.

“Um, my parents haven’t let me get vaccinated yet,” the girl said, implying that she wanted the vaccine, but her evil parents wouldn’t let her.

That’s where the video takes an even further sharp left turn.

The other girl in the video, who was all too happy to show her compliance with the state, then presented the unvaccinated girl with alternative to her parents’ wishes.

“I mean, you’re over 14,” the vaxxed girl began, “you don’t actually need to get their permission.”

The two girls then went on what the brainwashed Aussie girl called a “vax date” and they went all too happily to get the one girl’s state compliance medical procedure.

The girls then flip their hair, the nurse flipped her hijab — because diversity — and the girls then go skipping along, with the added virtue signal that the young girls were dating each other. 


I can’t make this propaganda up. That’s for global federal governments to do, and it seems they’re doing everything they can to hold onto the power they grabbed during the pandemic.

If you want to put yourself through watching the propaganda, watch below:


Pro tip: if you're over 14, you can have your own Medicare card and consent to getting vax'd #LiveLoveJab #covidaustralia

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