Attorney To Tucker Carlson: Illegal Aliens Have Far Higher Crime Rates Than U.S. Citizens

Nick Kangadis | August 24, 2018
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Facts matter, despite what the media puts out there for everyone to blindly regurgitate. That’s why one member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights went on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to debunk the myth that U.S. citizens commit more crimes than people in the country illegally.

Peter Kirsanow, who’s also an author and lawyer, spoke with Tucker Carlson Thursday evening to counter Carlson’s guest from the previous day’s show, immigration policy analyst for the Cato Institute Alex Nowrasteh. Nowrasteh’s claim was that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than legal citizens.

“…Illegal aliens don’t just commit more crime or more serious crimes by say, you know, five percent more or 10 percent more than lawful residents, but by 250 percent more,” Kirsanow told Carlson, citing a study done by the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and economist John Lott.

Upon review of the study, it focuses more on the state of Arizona, which is a hotbed for illegal aliens.

“If undocumented immigrants committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries,” the study’s abstract concludes.

Another interesting aspect of what Kirsanow told Carlson was when he set the record straight and pointed out a flaw in Nowrasteh’s argument.

“The overwhelming amount of data that shows that illegal aliens commit not only commit more crime at a higher rate that is, than lawful residents, but more serious crimes at a far higher rate,” Kirsanow said. “We are not talking about a little bit, he [Nowrasteh] conveniently mentioned Texas to claim that the homicide rates among illegal aliens is 44% lower that that for lawful residents. He chose the one state where it is true.”

“The homicide rates are lower for illegal aliens, by 15%, not 44%,” Kirsanow explained.

Here’s Nowrasteh’s appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” followed by Kirsanow’s appearance. Take a look at both, and decide for yourself:


H/T: Daily Caller 


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