Attitude Magazine Claims Straight Men Often ‘Kiss and Cuddle’ With Other Guys

Brittany M. Hughes | November 29, 2017
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Are you a straight man who likes women? Do you kiss and cuddle with your male friends just for funsies?


Well apparently, you’re the weirdo. Because according to Attitude Magazine, it is totally normal – common, even – for straight men to canoodle with their straight male friends.

To the confusion of straight men and people of logic everywhere, Attitude ran a befuddling article entitled: "New Study Finds Straight Men in Bromances Often Kiss and Cuddle." (For those unfamiliar, a "bromance" is a slang term for a close friendship between two heterosexual guys.)

Attitude claims:

A new study, published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, asked a series of in-depth questions to 30 British undergraduate sport students to try and discover what straight men really get up to with their best friends.

… All of the participants said they had at least one relationship they would class as a bromance.”

Even more interestingly, all but one of the men asked said that they regularly engaged in “non-sexual physical intimacy,” such as kissing, cuddling, and spooning with their best friend.

Not sure what’s in the water over there in Britain, but let me clear this up: kissing and cuddling in bed is sexual physical intimacy. It’s not something one usually does with their postman or grocery store bagboy. And a dude who makes out with another dude? Yeah, he’s gay.

But if you’re a dude who’s only into chicks and have never been particularly inspired to “Netflix and chill” with your longtime college buddy, don’t worry. Neither have these guys.

I think "straight" must have a different meaning in the mother country.

— Bama Bobblehead (@BamaBobblehead) June 11, 2017

You're joking right?

— dallas (@mtmajorfan) June 12, 2017

— Ian McKelvey (@ian_mckelvey) June 11, 2017

— Passionfruit (@rickyrezero) June 11, 2017

— Vincent Vader 🐻🐸👻🦂 (@VincentVader2) November 28, 2017 just described a gay relationship.

— Enrique Salas (@HolySka1991) June 11, 2017