Atonement: NFL Player Sends Paycheck to Dallas Fallen Officers

Andrew Mullins | October 5, 2016
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It’s been a rough year to be a patriotic NFL fan.

From Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem antics to the NFL forbidding the Dallas Cowboys to commemorate fallen officers on their helmets, it’s been getting harder and harder to look up to our sports heroes.

That’s why this story about Cleveland Browns star running back Isaiah Crowell is so refreshing.

As reported by the, Crowell reached out to the Dallas Fallen Officers about the possibility of donating the check from his first game – roughly $35,000 – to their foundation. Originally, the foundation refused Crowell’s check, asking only for him to develop a relationship with the organization and appreciate police sacrifice. But the foundation later accepted the money after Crowell went ahead and sent the check.

When asked about his donation, Crowell insisted that he never wanted publicity for the donation. However, the reason for Crowell's generosity almost certainly had to do with atoning for a graphic anti-cop image the athlete posted on Instagram this past summer, as reported by MRCTV. After Crowell posted (and hastily removed) the offending image in July, he was quick to apologize for his wrongdoing, and pledged to make good on his mistake:



Whatever the motivation for Crowell’s donation, it certainly is a breath of fresh air to see an athlete stand up for police officers. While Colin Kaepernick may still be wearing his “Cops are Pigs” socks, at least one athlete is willing to admit his mistakes and work toward redemption.


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