ASU Is Allowing Students To Skip Their Final Exam to Protest Trump

Nick Kangadis | April 17, 2017
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Why test students on a subject they’ve been studying all semester when you can indoctrinate them to all think alike?

Angeles Maldonado, a professor of Global Politics of Human Rights at Arizona State University (ASU), gave her class the option to skip their final exam if they developed a group project in its place.

What other group activity would college kids choose (one that doesn’t involve red Solo cups) other than aimlessly protesting? And of course, the students chose to protest everything Trump -- because it’s a college, and that’s what they do.

“The class decided that as a group project they wanted to make their voices heard about the issues that are affecting them today,” Maldonado said. "So instead of just reading about the human-rights violations, they’d speak out about the current violations that are happening.”

Messages tend to get heard much easier if the focus remains consistent and all the protesters are on the same page, but that wasn’t the case with finals-skipping students and others that randomly joined the protest.

According to the Arizona Republic:

“This was something that we all got together and said we would express some of the things we don’t like, so a lot of the other people here are protesting things like immigration, immigration ban, women’s rights, things like that,” said Alex Corella, 22, a student in Maldonado’s class who participated.

The group and those who joined them drew attention to a variety of issues, including LGBT rights, women's rights, Black Lives Matter, immigration, and even the prison system.

While the indoctrinated protest often enough to recognize that the activity of protesting is not an uncommon occurrence, it's pretty clear these kids simply didn’t want to take a final exam.

The Arizona Republic also released a statement from the ASU administration supporting the students decision:

As an institution of higher education and an environment that promotes academic freedom, Arizona State University supports the free exchange and expression of ideas. All individuals and groups on campus have the right to express their opinions, whatever those opinions may be, as long as they do not violate student code of conduct and student organization policies and do not infringe on another student’s individual rights. This policy applies to all students.

From the sound of it, ASU has no problem with its students skipping a final exam that tests a student’s complete knowledge of a subject.

It’s perfectly within one’s rights to peacefully protest any president, but when that protesting gets in the way of the entire purpose of going to college, then the college itself needs to change its title from College/University to Indoctrination Center.

Apparently social justice trumps getting an education.

H/T: Heat Street