Armed Texan Stops a Deadly Assault On an Elderly Man

Brittany M. Hughes | August 21, 2023
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Chalk another one up for the good guys - not, of course, that most people will hear about it.

A well-placed man with a gun staved off what could have been an even more tragic attack at a Texas restaurant over the weekend. It all started when a man, later identified as one Kevin Craig Anderson, strolled into the smokehouse and began inexplicably harassing customers. He then went into the men’s bathroom and began physically assaulting an elderly man, knocking the guy out and continuing to beat him on the floor.

Enter a Good Samaritan who tried to intervene, albeit unsuccessfully at first. Anderson then began physically attacking the newcomer.

There was just one problem: this guy was armed.

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The man managed to pull his legally-carried weapon and get two shots off, hitting Anderson in the arm. The suspect then fled, but didn’t get far. Authorities said they found him bleeding in his car on the side of the road not far from the restaurant and had to airlift him to a hospital.

Of course, this story could have ended with a dead senior citizen on a bathroom floor, at the very least. Thankfully, we have the Second Amendment, and at least a few people left who aren’t afraid to utilize it.

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