Arizona State Trooper Shot by Former Mexican Police Officer Illegal Alien

Tyler McNally | January 23, 2017
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The perpetrator of an attack upon an Arizona state trooper two weeks ago was revealed to be a former Mexican police officer traveling in the United States illegally officials report.

Leonard Pennelas-Escobar, 37-years old, reportedly shot Arizona State Trooper Edward Andersson twice after Pennelas-Escobar's vehicle flipped on Interstate 10.

According to ABC News, Andersson "had stopped on the interstate and set up flares in a bid to get motorists to slow down." It was during this time that Pennelas-Escobar shot and began to physically attack Andersson.

A witness to the attack then retrieved a handgun and proceeded to shoot Pennalas-Escobar two times before firing a third fatal shot after Pennelas-Escobar resumed attacking Andersson.

Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead said that, while Pennelas-Escobar had no prior criminal history, he was in the country illegally and was a drug user.

Pennelas-Escobar's 23-year old girlfriend Vanessa Monique Lopez-Ruiz was injured in the accident, and later succumbed to the injuries at a local hospital.

Andersson was released from the hospital after receiving surgery to remove the projectiles.

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h/t Reddit