Arizona Parents Explode After School Board Refuses to Nix Classroom Mask Mandates

Brittany M. Hughes | April 28, 2021

It all started when local parents in Vail, Arizona decided they weren’t happy about their school district’s mask mandate.

The rule mandated that all public school children at the Vail Unified School District wear masks in the classroom, a one-size-fits-all mandate that, like in many school districts across the country, applied even to young children. That rule, which the district claims 90 percent of local parents support, is set to continue at least through the end of this school year, which ends in about a month. 

But some parents are demanding the rule be made optional, and they showed up to the latest school board meeting to make their feelings known.

According to local reports, the entire school board was so incensed by the parents’ demands that they actually got up and walked out of the board meeting rather than simply do what local parents – i.e., the taxpayers whose children were actually in the school system – were asking. Other reports state the board “decided to cancel it a few minutes before it began, citing safety concerns” due to a large group of parents who’d gathered outside the building.

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In response, KNST reports that “under Robert's Rules of Order, voted in a new school board” in a quick vote that was caught on cell phone video. The new members then immediately revoked the mask rule.

It’s a gesture that will largely be seen as symbolic, given that rumors of all school board members having officially resigned their positions haven’t been confirmed and it's almost certain the crowd's decision to summarily elect new members will stand. But one thing remains true: after more than a year of dealing with a virus that is widely known not to affect children, a lot of parents are getting fed up with the government slapping face masks on little kids for hours every day.