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Argentina Senate Rejects Bill to Legalize Abortion


Argentina’s Senate failed to pass a bill legalizing abortion on Thursday, marking a crucial win for the pro-life movement on the world stage.

The bill would have legalized abortion for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy — and the vote was fairly narrow — with 38 votes against, 31 in favor, and two abstained.

President Mauricio Macri told lawmakers he would sign the bill if passed, but Vice President Gabriela Michetti, along with other female leaders, expressed their opposition.

International advocates for abortion claimed a victory in Ireland earlier this summer, but in the Roman Catholic region of Latin America, their efforts fell short.

Argentina is the home of Pope Francis, who recently expressed his absolute opposition to abortion when he referred to it as a “white glove” equivalent to Nazi-style eugenics.

Progressives were optimistic about their chances of legalizing abortion in the Latin country, hoping they could continue the momentum of their gay marriage legalization win in Argentina from 2010, a decision Francis called a “destructive attack on God’s plan.”

Pro-abortion advocates in Argentina vow to push for further votes on abortion in the future. 


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