Arab Media Gives Platform to Egyptian Lawyer Who Wants Israeli Women Raped

Stephen Gutowski | June 8, 2010
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In case you're wondering exactly what the Israeli's are up against there's this (h/t Walid Shoebat) (Mild Content Warning):

It may be 2 years old but I think it's emblematic of the situation. Watch the video again and let it sink in how chilling this is. A crazed anti-semite comes out saying that Muslim men should sexually harass and even rape Israeli women and what does this arab tv network do? They invite her on and interview her as though she were just another political commentator with a provocative position.

And the sad thing is that in a society where the call for mass genocide against the Israelis is a common event this woman's disgusting insanity really is just provocative. In a region of the world where denials of the holocaust and calls for its renewal are common place perhaps the treatment of the call for the mass rape of Israelis as legitimate by a tv network isn't surprising.

But, clearly, it is disgustingly reprehensible and yet another reminder of exactly what the Israelis are up against.