AP Style Book ABORTS Specific Terms To Pander To Anti-Life Side

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | December 7, 2022
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AP is now more focused on politics than on grammatically correct words and phrases.

On  Dec 6, the AP Stylebook released a new guideline on the phrase “late term abortion.” Instead of that term, AP wants us to use the term “abortion later in pregnancy” in order to pretend that aborting a child at a specific point is something other than abortion. 

Supposedly, according to the AP report, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defined “late term” as 41 weeks through 41 weeks and six days gestation. According to a tweet from APStylebook, “abortion does not happen in this period.”

Well, that would be considered infanticide but, whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.  

The webpage on the main website for AP indicated, “Instead, use the term abortion later in pregnancy if a general term is needed, but be aware that there are varying definitions of the time period involved. Be specific when possible: abortions after XX weeks when XX is known in the context of the specific story.”

Yes, please be specific. Please indicate what actually happens to a child during an abortion. Please and thanks! 

In the next paragraph it said, “​​Most U.S. abortions take place in the first trimester. By some definitions, any abortions after that — at 13 weeks or later in pregnancy — are considered later abortions. Others use the term for abortions that occur at about 20 weeks or later, or near the time when a fetus is considered viable.”

Even if “most” abortions occur in the first trimester, any abortion, at any point, ends the life of a human child. 

The same stylebook suggests that we should avoid the term “abortionist” for people who perform clandestine abortions, aka illegal abortions. As well as to avoid using pro-abortion for those who support the slaughter of the unborn. Both shifts help protect the reputation of and keep a positive association with abortionists and pro-abortion activists . All the while, we are also not allowed to use “pro-life.” Instead, AP wants us to use “anti-abortion.” It seems like that was supposed to be a dig at the pro-life movement but for me, I am 100% anti-abortion and am proud of it.  

Oh, and in case the effort to take away personhood from unborn babies wasn't obvious yet, the stylebook also claimed that when a child’s heartbeat is detected, around six-weeks, the “embryo” isn’t even a “fetus” yet. 

If we get to change words to be more “sensitive” and “inclusive,” consider this: If I find someone an inconvenience and decide to insert a probe into his head and slowly end his life and rip off his limbs, one by one, could I call it an unfortunate circumstance instead of what it is (murder) and walk away with clean hands? Should we call the abortion procedure “causing fetal demise” as one Twitter user put it instead of “killing a live baby” in order that we may not “discourage a mother from killing her son or daughter?” Is that how this works? 

Seems to be so for AP. 

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The significance of the AP Stylebook is that it is widely considered the “journalists bible.” Many if not most journalists refer to it for rules on grammar and style to streamline words and terms and clarify discrepancies amongst different publications. 

With shifts that completely pander to the pro-abort narrative, or I guess I should call it the “abortion-rights” narrative, AP is showing that they lean away from middle ground and support the abortion activist side of the aisle. 

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