AOC's Opponent Challenges Media & Political Narratives of the Minneapolis Riots: 'These F***ing Liberals are Devils'

Nick Kangadis | May 29, 2020
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In a video posted to his Twitter page late Thursday evening, Republican congressional candidate for New York's 14th District Antoine Tucker gave his thoughts about the media narrative surrounding the rioting and looting that's been occurring in Minneapolis, Minnesota following the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer earlier this week.

Tucker, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for her congressional seat, said he was recording the video "for everybody out there that's trying to use their brains" when it comes to breaking down the events taking place in Minneapolis.

The "former gangster turned believer in God" spoke of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey's downplaying of the rioting.

"The mayor will tell he don't care, 'you have 400 years of slavery," Tucker said, referring to a tweet Frey sent out on Thursday. "'Go ahead and destroy everything around here. But let me tell you why he's saying that. Aw, these f***ing liberals are devils. He's saying that because you're not rioting on his block where his house is. That's why."

Here's Frey's tweet, which is just one of many in a thread from Thursday, that Tucker referred to in the video:

Tucker continued by criticizing the rioting and looting of local businesses.

"All of these Target's, I'm pretty sure, tons of black folks from that neighborhood work in that Target and now they're not going to have a job to go to either," Tucker said.

For Tucker's full comments, including a brief shot at billionaire George Soros, watch below:


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