AOC: Trump ‘Giving Out Cash To Black Americans At His Rallies’

Eric Scheiner | February 5, 2020
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the lawmaker who wants to hand out taxpayer cash for ‘free’ college among other things, claims President Trump “has started giving out cash to black Americans at his rallies.”

No evidence presented. No specific payments or rallies referenced. AOC just knows this, somehow. It comes from her deep thoughts.

AOC was critical of Trump for being “extraordinarily deliberate” in reaching out to assist minority communities. I guess that's a bad thing.

AOC made her rant on Instagram Tuesday evening. 

Here’s a selection that will give you some insight into her reasoning:

He has started, Donald Trump has started, giving out cash to black Americans at his rallies, this whole State of the Union was like a game show where he was handing out prizes and surprises and reality tv moments and this is exactly his political agenda and, you know, this is, it’s not just for political reasons but one of the reasons why I find it so frustrating that the rights of people of color are constantly negotiated and on the chopping block in politics in general is this is one of the concerns.

Because when suddenly the rights of immigrants are controversial or issues pertaining to black Americans are controversial, but issues facing white Americans are not controversial and they are bread and butter issues, this is what starts to happen in our political discourse. 

And I think that um, we need to be very careful about this, because it’s extraordinarily deliberate and it’s being done with a very specific agenda, um, that this also is in line with the fact that Trump decided to make a kind of bogus criminal justice reform advertisement in the Super Bowl. He’s being very deliberate in trying to look like he’s being great for the black community, for communities of color, etcetera.